The City of Rome Pipe Band is, with its 15-year history, the first band of Scottish bagpipes and drums of Rome and Italy.

Indeed, it was 2000 when a small group of musicians GHB, Great Highland Bagpipes, then living in Rome, decided to form a true Pipe Band. The baptism of the group took place with the first concert in the Colosseum, to the orders of the first Pipe Major, Simon Emslie, then in Grade 1 piper Vale of Atholl Pipe Band.

Since that day a lot of air is passed into the pockets of the Roman bagpipes, who performed in air concerts (in almost every Italian region), in large theaters (Auditorium Parco della Musica, Teatro Argentina, the Victoria Theater to name a few), to small private ceremony with few guests, and before more than 70,000 fans of the team during the trophy “six nations”, where the first edition, the CRPB is called to perform the Scottish national anthem.

The City of Rome Pipe Band has also collaborated frequently with traditional marching bands, primarily the Musical Band of the Financial Police, with whom she performed as part of the prestigious event that takes place every year in Piazza S. Ignazio. He had the honor of opening the festivities for the famous Carnival of Venice and has performed several times at the foreground Hotels in Costa Smeralda, also playing in front of His Majesty the King of Spagna Juan Carlos. Of course several times has been called to enliven various celebrations at the British Embassy.

Present in numerous Celtic events in Italy, she performed in all editions of the festival Guidonia Fairylands, much followed by the “home crowd”. In 2003 CRPB with your own notes gave the official start to the first edition of the Montelago Celtic Night, an event which has become among the most popular nationwide, with an audience that is around the 25,000 attendance and when she returned to also playing in 2004 and 2012, for the tenth anniversary.

Several times it appeared on TV, either with individual players who also complete. Just to mention some investments: One Morning, Clear Variable, TV drama “The Bell’Antonio”, the TV series “Don Matteo.”
They went out articles about the band on important national and local newspapers, both for participation in events for a discussion about the band itself.

In these 13 years, the band has toured Italy to perform, but it has also crossed borders: Switzerland, France and of course Scotland, countries that took part in concerts as well as in international competitions, achieving acclaim and awards. Among its ranks are passed on 4 continents musicians, all still connected to the band by a strong friendship.


Francesco Badaloni

Riccardo Brunelli

Danilo Caruso

Anton Dekhtyarenko

Giovanni Giulianini

Mauro Guiducci

Marco Manni

Francesco Mignogna

Mauro Nenci

Marco Sassetti

Giacomo Visalli


Eddie Burns

Beatrice Clemente

Isabella Del Peschio

Berardo Di Mattia

Alessandro Formica

Paul Goldfield