The cultural musical association CRPB promotes various activities for its members, such as:

  • Organization of musical events, concerts, festivals and cultural activities;
  • Organization of shows and theatrical performances, debates and seminars;
  • Organization of conferences, concerts, concert lectures, children, teens, and young adults
  • Learning¬†music education courses and specialized courses for pipers and drummers, both individual and collective

The City of Rome Pipe Band is able to meet your most diverse musical needs for an unforgettable show and original.
comprehensive training

Big Formation
classic, complete, from 15-16 elements (eight bagpipes four snares, three tenors and a bass drum).
This training is usually required for events on a certain scale as events, festivals, concerts

Reduced Formation
mini, reduced Formation, from 3 elements (two bagpipes and a snare drum) or from 6 elements (three bagpipes, a snare drum, a bass drum and tenor).
This formation is mainly used for celebrations (especially weddings or various religious rites) or for smaller events flowrate at which it is not required to complete formation.

Rock Group
Bagpipes, snares, tenors and bass drum … with electrified instruments: drums, guitar, bass guitar. And of course voice! For festival and for any special occasion that requires this training.

Ultracorp – the drum corp of the City of Rome Pipe Band
The drum corp of the City of Rome Pipe Band (three snare drums, three tenors, bass drum), no bagpipes. An ideal training for any event that requires rhythmic accompaniment. Repertory marches, jigs, reels and drum solos.

The Ceilidh Band
A small band with a unique sound, which sounds totally acoustic. Two small pipes (bagpipes from indoor), flute, guitar and percussion. Training ideal for evenings in pubs, private parties

Small pipe and harp
An elegant and acoustic duo. For receptions, weddings or any other occasion where there is a need for a “volume” suitable.